About us

About us

About Us - D'Arc Designers is a leading multi - disciplinary architectural firm, formed to specialize at all scales and in all different sectors. We design and transform people's lives with a perfect blend of innovation, requirement and value. D’Arc Designers collaborates with experts from every design division: architecture, interior design, landscape design, art & decor. Our projects are future-oriented and are fueled with passion to explore layouts that mimic people's ambition. We at D’Arc Designers, work around the globe, across time zones and contributes design perspectives.


Founder note

Ar. Prasanraj has di lustrum experience in shaping voids to edens.He has an experience in industrial, Commercial and mixed use design development with design of space planning and smart handling of the project.

Prior to establishment of the firm, Prasanraj worked as a Project Architect for one of the leading architectural firm where he has sharpened his skills through several projects.

His thesis on “Intelligent Building” has gained acclaim at NIASA during 2008.Prasanraj loves to play volleyball and curious about surfing internet.

Our clients

Why choose us ?

Our Philosophy
D'Arc has a philosophy which helps us conceptualize a design and elevate a stunning view in the provided space. This helps us provide results to our clients which pair designing and proficiency
Our Value
Our approach to every client is with an open mind to solve and deliver the design problem as expected by the client, keeping in mind the environmental values. Our designs are fueled with passion and functionality.

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